The British Hedgehog


“The British hedgehog could be extinct within 10 years”

“As a child, I remember often spotting hedgehogs in the garden. I don’t think I’ve seen a living one in years”.

In 1950, there were 36 million hedgehogs in the UK, today its estimated that there are less than 1 million left. Their population currently drops by 5% each year, as fast as tigers worldwide.

Contributing factors include traffic (which kills 50,000 a year) and constant habitat loss from development and agricultural intensification. Hedgehogs can thrive in gardens, but the introduction of more fences and walls instead of hedge rows has fragmented this habitat, making it more difficult for them to survive.

Below is a link to an organisation, that is trying to save the hedgehog. They give advice on how small changes to your garden can help the hedgehog to survive-

Hedgehog Street