A collection of cycling items


This is a frame I completed recently for a customer who successfully completed the challenge to cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats. He wanted the shirt he wore on the ride displayed alongside the other connected items, including his medal, certificates, photos on the challenge.

This is probably the most difficult framing job I’ve done this year, as it tested me on quite a few different levels. For instance with building something on such a large scale by myself, just trying to manoeuvre it and its parts, without damaging anything it is a task on its own.  Also trying to discreetly pin an extremely elasticated shirt to look sharp and tort when it has a shiny, silky appearance is very time consuming and difficult. Another issue was that he wanted multiple windows cut into the mount board to display his certificates. This can be challenging, because if you mess up one window, you need to start all over again including unpinning the shirt. Its quite easy for example to cut the bevel of the aperture the wrong way, as you have to cut the board back to front and keep turning it in the process.  Also the more holes you cut, the weaker the strength of the board becomes. This would be fine if it only had 2d items displayed, because the board would be supported by the glass. However because the frame needed to be in a box format to cater for the 3d shirt and medal, there is not such support, and the weight of the objects would begin to pull the board forwards and bow. Therefore I had to reinforce the back with a strong, thick layer of conservation board, fixed with ph neutral adhesive (using standard p.v.a would contaminate the conservation mount board and over time would turn the board brown and acidic).

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