Dragon illustration

Dragon illustration Shane Swann original

Dragon illustration – original by Shane Swann

Medium: Fine liner pen

Dragon blog post
I drew the Dragon for nostalgic reasons. As a child I was always drawing mythical creatures from my imagination. I was most fond of dragons and would draw them constantly on everything- from sketchbooks to blackboards, from t-shirts to my school books. Once I was told off by my neighbour, and ordered to clean away a ten metre long Chinese dragon I had drawn along the pavement with chalk. Last year I met a friend’s young son, he seemed to be drawing dragons all the time like I use too. He asked me if I could draw a dragon, so I thought – why not do a new one? It had been almost two decades since I had last drawn a dragon. So I went about it in exactly the same way I used to as a child, directly from my imagination.

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