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The Scottish wildcat is on the brink of extinction

I have begun a sub-project from my UK Extinction series. This I have named the ‘Brink of Extinction’ series. With this project I want it to impact the viewer- I hope that when people view my drawings of extinct creatures, once they come across an illustration of an animal that is not extinct, but critically endangered, hopefully it will impact them in such a way that it will encourage them to help.

‘Felis sylvestris grampia’ (AKA Scottish wildcat) was once common across all of Britain. However for hundreds of years it was victim to the same issues that wiped out the brown bear, grey wolf and Eurasian lynx in the UK. Unlike those animals, this cat managed to survive by the skin of its teeth! Now there may only be as little as 35 of them left in the world, only existing in very remote parts of the Scottish highlands. They began to evolve as a separate sub-species from their European wildcat cousins thousands of years ago, when the glacier that once joined the UK to mainland Europe melted after the Ice Age. It is estimated if nothing is done to help these animals, they may become extinct with in 10 to 15 years.

Below is a link to an organisation trying to help the wildcat survive-

Wildcat Haven

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